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Dot.Market is your key to unlocking sustained growth and the ultimate solution for a seamless transition into the digital economy. As 5D MENA’s expert digital economy arm, We cater to our clients’ every need across industries and leverage technology to enable their businesses.

We work with all stakeholders in the private sector to further enable business owners and develop businesses while providing best-in-class user experience, features, and support, ensuring the satisfaction of the end-users as well.


Forge a new reality to improve mankind’s quality of life across the spectrum of our everyday lives through comprehensive, smart, and tailored digital solutions.



To identify and bridge digital gaps in all fields, laying out tomorrow’s digital landscape.


To bring innovative ideas and concepts to life through expertise, talent, and excellence.

Digital Transformation

To pioneer user-friendly transformative digital experiences in all aspects of everyday life.


To partner with investors of the same vision and values globally.

What We Do

Mobile Applications

Effective and simple, We develop feature-packed applications that are market-ready.

Point-of-Sale Systems (POS/mobile POS)

Our cloud-based mPOS systems offer cutting-edge features like real-time inventory tracking and sales reporting, all accessible from your smartphone or tablet. Increase flexibility, streamline operations, and unlock new sales opportunities.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

We help businesses and enterprises of all sizes in every sector unlock their true potential through modular ERP solutions fitting their current and future needs.

CRM, Accounting, SCM & More

Our solutions cover everything from Finance and Accounting, Inventory and Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, to Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Digital Marketing Services

Enabling our clients to establish solid connections with their customers, keep them engaged, and help drive their business through the best platforms and channels that fit the nature of their work and target markets.

Data Driven Models

With a data-driven approach, Our focus remains on results and effectiveness in marketing. Analyzing performance and adjusting strategies to ensure increased volumes in sales and a growing online presence.

Discover Our Offerings and Opportunities.

Feature-packed, highly efficient, and user-friendly, Our Apps and platforms have been developed to offer the best in class for business owners and users alike across all sectors. Our apps and platforms are available for investors and interested parties through a franchise model.

Dot.Market has an extensive list of unique domains open for acquisition, available.

Explore and purchase domains by clicking on the icon below.

Apps and Platforms – Franchise Model

Toy.Market was launched in November 2022 as the first of Dot.Market’s platforms, and is the first of its kind marketplace in Jordan and a major new ecommerce platform.


Farming Market is an all-inclusive B2B e-commerce platform for Agricultural Products and Produce wholesale, acting as a digital backbone to the supply chain and connecting stakeholders.


The next evolution of project management software, other than a 360o view of the enterprise’s projects, resources, and KPIs, For.Management helps all stakeholders communicate within the organization, allocate resources, track, manage, and reassign priorities of tasks along with admin features.


Bringing Educational Institutes, Students, Teachers and Parents together, Home Education offers an E-learning solution where flexibility and quality are paramount.


Any.Repair is a unique all-inclusive utility platform offering a wide array of bluecollar/skilled labor services to customers through onboarded local service providers.


Offers its users easy access to services provided by local doctors, lawyers, and other professionals and allows service providers to manage schedules, payments, and more.


Local.Market is a hyper-local e-commerce platform that aggregates different stores based on location info and allows customers to place orders accordingly for quick delivery.

Crafts.Market is a niche platform designed to support crafts makers and help them grow locally and overseas by providing customers access to high-quality authentic products.


Number.Market is a niche e-marketplace for all unique identifiers such as Web Domain Names, Mobile Phone Numbers, and Vehicle Registration Plate Numbers on a global scale through direct sales and auctions (live and open).


Drug Market is a specialized B2B e-commerce store for the medical sector and related products that connects buyers and suppliers to streamline the supply chain and cut costs.


For Parts is an e-commerce marketplace dedicated to equipment, machines, and mechanical parts/components retail for businesses and individuals.


Discussing ideas, creating new connections, and keeping up with friends in a busy world, Up4Coffee fosters meaningful connections utilizing a smart geo-location engine.


One-stop shop for all things beauty! Cosmetics.Market offers a vast collection of high-quality cosmetics, beauty, and skincare essentials from top brands


The gateway to niche and unique collectibles, high-tech luxury toys and items, and much more. Authenticity, uniqueness, and quality are guaranteed.

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